About This Camp

KenMont and KenWood Camp is located 2 hours outside of New York City in Kent, CT. We run two 3.5 week sleepaway sessions throughout the summer with typical staff dates of June 15-August 13 for a staff. These dates include 1 week of staff training and then the experience of living and working with 2 groups of campers during the summer. The camp is located on 200 magnificent acres including a spectacular lake. With over 45 different programs in sports, waterfront, adventure and art and almost 100 years of tradition, this makes KenMont and KenWood the only place to be for an unforgettable summer.

KenMont and KenWood is a brother sister camp on the same location. What that means is the male and female cabins are in 2 areas of the camp. The boys side has 12 tennis courts, 5 basketball courts, 2 baseballs fields, 2 soccer fields, a hockey rink and a great arts program. The girls side has 8 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, soccer, softball, gymnastics and an extensive arts program. Sports and arts are programmed on each side of camp while the adventure and waterfront are a shared location. For staff, KenMont and KenWood is a co-ed experience while providing the campers high level program in every activity we offer.

Minimum Age




Campers Gender

Male & Female


Male & Female


June 15
(LG & Ropes June 6)


August 13

Camp Type

Traditional- Girls

Hiring Category


hiring camp counselors for

General Counselor

Arts & Crafts

Ceramics/Pottery, Painting, Jewelry, Rocketry, Spray Painting


Golf, Tennis, Gymnastics

Digital Media

Digital Photography, Videographer

Extreme Sports

Skateboarding/One Wheel


Spinning, Yoga



Target Sports



Swim Instructors, Sailing, Waterski/Wakeboarding, Boat Driving

Other Camp Activities

Culinary Arts