Camp Job Fair Guide
Not Yet Paid

  • Review the camps that are hiring.
  • Complete your online CCUSA registration and program application form ( *optional but saves time on the day (references and video not needed at this time).
  • Know what camps you want to approach. Have your questions ready.
  • Want VIP status? Pay the balance now to avoid lines on the day. Get to interview with the camps earlier and make a good impression on them with your commitment.
  1. Dress to impress in smart casual clothing.
  2. Bring any examples of what you can do and teach at camp (video footage, portfolios, instruments).
  3. Think about our hot tips:
    • Smile
    • Be confident and enthusiastic
    • Think about what you can do and teach
    • Think about your experiences with kids
    • Let your personality shine through
    • Avoid comments like “I just want to be a general counselor” and “I can do anything”
    • Know what you’re good at
    • A Camp Director wants to meet an adult who is adaptable and flexible
    • Have an open mind, sometimes a camp just finds you
    • Remember, there are CCUSA staff at the fair to help you
  4. Complete your CCUSA registration and program application form if you’ve not yet done so (references and video not needed at this time).
  • 50Let the staff know you’ve not yet applied to the program.
  • Attend the CAMP DIRECTOR Q&A SESSION. Listen and keep an open mind about what camps you’re interested in. If you need more information after this session, CCUSA staff will be available to assist you.
  • If you’re ready to apply, head to the REGISTRATION DESK. You’ll need to:
    1. Have previously completed the CCUSA registration and program application form (that we can print off) or complete an application form now by hand.
    2. Review and sign a Program Agreement online or a paper copy.
    3. Have uploaded a smiling selfie, or we’ll take one then and there.
    4. Pay the $99 application fee now (preferred option).Payment can be made be credit card or exact cash amount.
      1. This shows the Directors you are committed to going to camp.
      2. The fee is fully refunded if we do not accept you to the program or find you a camp placement by June 30. Remember, we’ve found a job for every accepted applicant for 30 years.
      3. If you would prefer to pay if you are offered a job, talk to the CCUSA staff now. Your Job Contract will be withdrawn if you do not pay your fees today. Remember, Camp Directors are more likely to hire someone who has made a financial commitment beforethe interview.
      4. Everyone who receives a Job Fair Contract today must have paid at least the $99 Application Fee and $400 Final Instalment Fee (see Program Agreement for details). You can also pay the Acceptance fee at the same time to get a $50 discount.
  • Have a SCREENING INTERVIEWwith CCUSA before you meet the camps.
  • Enter theCAMP DIRECTOR’S ROOM. Go in with a plan and be ready to talk about yourself! Past counselors may be at the camps booth to answer questions about the camp and their experience.
  • Interview with as many camps as you like but you can only sign ONE Job Fair Contract.
  • If you’re not ready to apply or pay today, no worries! Applications are open to March 1st. Make sure you talk to us today to ensure all your questions are answered and leave us your contact details so we can follow up with you. You will not be able to talk to the Camp Directors if you are not committed to paying the fees today.
  • Got a job…congratulations!
    1. Get a Job Fair Contract from the camp. Make sure it is completed. (Note, if you did not previously pay you must pay your fees now to confirm this job offer).
    2. Both you and the camp sign it.
    3. Head to the CCUSA PHOTO BOOTH.
    4. Then to the APPLICATION RETURN DESKwhere we will process your job.
    5. If you did not pay your fees upfront, these will now be due.
    6. Check in on Social Media – I got a job at #CAMPNAME #ccusajobfair #ccusanewzealand #anadventuretoremember
  • No Job Fair Contract today?
    1. Have you spoken to all of the camps? There may be a camp that was not originally on your list. Why not go back and chat to them? You never know what you may find!
    2. If you’ve spoken to everyone and didn’t get offered a job, please don’t worry! We work with 900 other camps and CCUSA has found a job for all accepted applicants for 30 years! The Camp Fair is not the end of your adventure.
    3. Head to the APPLICATION RETURN DESKwhere we will talk to you about the next steps.
  • Talk to STA Travel: Find out about the great deals STA travel have for camp counselors.
  • CCUSA Other Programs:Chat to us about having a global experience with CCUSA and what other work opportunities are available to extend your working holiday after camp.