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Honesdale, Pennsylvania, USA

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The Basics

Camp Type: Private, residential, nonsectarian, for ages 6-16.

Genders Served: Co-ed Sessions

Number of Campers Per Session: Total: 390. Junior Campus: 240; Teen Campus: 150

Number of International Campers: 10-15%

Accredited By: American Camp Association

Specialty Programs: First-Time Camper Guarantee, Sibling Club, Intercamp Tournaments, FUN Trips. Nonsectarian, Diverse Population

Camp Focus

Camp Mission & Philosophy:

Since our beginning in residential camping in 1957, the Buynak Family has promised a safe, healthy, and fun-filled summer for children. But we deliver much more! For over 50 years, we have fostered in children the development of new skills, the sharpening of old skills, the appreciation of nature, and the beginning of lifetime friendships. As we enter this coming season, our camping philosophy remains unchanged since 1957. We’re committed to bringing children of diverse backgrounds together in a healthy camp environment where the youngster will be given the opportunity and the help to develop artistically, athletically, and socially. Our youngsters will learn the importance of friendship, independence, and cooperation with others – all of which are instrumental in a child’s development. Camp Cayuga … It lasts a lifetime!

What factors set this camp apart from other camps?

1) SEPARATE TEEN CAMPUS reserved exclusively for teenagers (special privileges like late wake-up, open seating at lunch meals, later curfew, etc); 2) FIRST-TIME CAMPER GUARANTEE (tuition refunded if camper departs early for any reason); 3) Same family ownership since 1963; 4) Non-competitive, friendly, welcoming atmosphere; 5) Free-Choice Program (select your activities each day with your friends); 6) Over 60 activities offered daily; 7) Horseback Riding included in camp tuition (20 horses); 8) Diverse population from 26 states and 17 countries; 9) Staff to camper ratio better than 1:4.

What is unique about the experience campers receive:

Being away from the influences of parents & social media, helps children develop life-long skills, as they grow more independent. They learn the social skills of positive interaction that stay with them for a lifetime. They experience the rewards of achievement, which strengthens their self-confidence and improves their self-esteem. They gain self reliance and learn responsibility. They work together and share the benefits of their toil. They explore new interests, and develop friendships! Most campers describe camp as ‘fun’, but when you look closer, you’ll see that ‘growth’ best describes the experience.

Sessions & Ratios

Length of Sessions: Two weeks, half summer, six weeks & full summer

Two Weeks: June 27-July 10; or July 12-July 24; or July 25-August 7; or August 9- August 20
Half Summer: June 27-July 24; or July 12-August 7; or July 25-August 20
Six Weeks: June 27-August 7; or July 12-Aug 20 
Full Summer: June 27-August 20

Overall Ratio of Staff to Campers: Better than 1:4

Bunk/Cabin Group Ratio of Staff to Campers in: 2:10 (Junior Campus); 3:20 (Teen Campus)


Campers Sleep In: Campers reside in comfortable modern cabins that are centrally located and easily accessible to the dining hall, health center, and activity sites. All cabins include single beds and bunked-beds.

# Campers in Cabin/Bunk: Junior Campus cabins = 8 to 10 campers. Teen Campus cabins= 18-20 campers.

# International Campers in Cabin/Bunk: Typically 2

# Counselors in Cabin/Bunk: Junior Campus cabins= 2 to 3 counselors. Teen Campus cabins= 3 counselors.

Amenities Included: Each cabin has a large bathroom. On Junior Campus: Cabins include 3 private showers, 3 private toilets, and 4-5 sinks. On Teen Campus: most have 7 private showers, 7 private toilets, and 8 sinks. All cabins are equipped with smoke detectors, electrical outlet for each camper, a large closet, screened windows, hot/cold water, and cubbies for each camper’s personal belongings.

Additional Details: CABIN SUPERVISION: Counselors live in cabins with our campers. Our counselors (college or university-enrolled) closely supervise the campers during the activity periods, meal times, and evening program. At curfew time, at least one counselor returns to the cabin with his campers and remains with them throughout the entire evening. This ensures close supervision is provided 24-7. CAMPER ASSIGNMENTS: We try to balance each cabin with a healthy mix of new and returning campers. If a child wants to be assigned to the same cabin as a friend (who is in the same grade & enrolled in the same session), he can complete a Bunk Request Form which ordinarily guarantees the friends will be together in the same cabin. VIRTUAL TOURS: Go to our website to take a virtual tour of cabins and bathrooms.

Dining Facilities

At Camp, Meals are served: Cafeteria Style

Additional Meal Options: Vegetarians, lactose intolerant, Gluten free menu available

Additional Details: A sample 7-day menu is posted under ‘food service’ on our website.

Medical Facilities

Number of Medical Staff Living On-site: 1 Health Supervisor, 6-8 nurses, and 2 nurse assistants. Junior Campus= 4-5 nurses with 1 assistant. Teen Campus= 2-3 nurses with 1 assistant. The camp doctor’s office is less than 10 minutes away!

Additional Information: Each campus features its own modern Health Center that’s staffed 24-7 to provide first-aid and minor treatment. Each Health Center consists of a treatment room, isolation room, kitchenette, separate sleeping quarters (with private bathrooms) for boys and girls, and private accommodations for the medical staff. Note: We are very serious about our preventive Health Care practices and make every effort to ensure all campers remain healthy during their stay at camp. Safety is #1 at Camp Cayuga!

Distance to Hospital: The nearest Urgent Care Center is less than 10 minutes from camp. The County Hospital (WCMH) is also only 10 minutes from camp.

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