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Wilmot, New Hampshire, USA

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The Basics

Camp Type: Privately owned, for profit, traditional, residential

Genders Served: Separate Campuses for Boys and Girls

Number of Campers Per Session: 350

Number of International Campers: 30

Accredited By: American Camp Association

Specialty Programs: Majority of campers (~80%) are from Jewish households. Camp has been proudly open to all faiths and races for more than 90 years.

Camp Focus

Camp Mission & Philosophy:

A values-driven community where campers experience being their best selves, turn summer relationships into lifelong friendships, and experience fun and laughter while creating everlasting memories.

Kenwood & Evergreen is a place to become a better athlete, artist, performer and person.

What factors set this camp apart from other camps?

We are an overnight camp that truly partners with parents throughout your child’s life, helping prepare them to be tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. We develop an individual understanding of your child in order to provide him or her with the optimal summer experience, including activities, role models and peer relationships.

Kenwood and Evergreen offers specialized programming and skill building in three major areas: Sports & Athletics, Visual & Performing Arts, and our extensive waterfront and waterski program. We are home to athletes and artists of all skill levels and experiences. Our innovative Structured Choice program includes both group and private lessons. We aim to achieve a proper balance – skill building vs fun, competition vs kindness, technical growth vs social development. This takes some very thoughtful, intentional coaching and instruction on the range of sports and activities we teach. This is why we spend our winter visiting colleges, universities and sport centers around the world to find the best coaches and instructors available!

Kenwood & Evergreen is a great place to develop your skills as both a visual and performing artist with a huge range of specialized activities offered throughout each day. Beyond this, Every camper is invited to take part in events like our annual film and music festivals and Broadway style musicals.

On sunny days our campers can’t get spend enough time playing on our beautiful lake. Because we are brother-sister camps, Kenwood and Evergreen each have separate beach waterfronts. There are no other camps or houses on our lake, so our campers never have to worry about interacting with strangers at our beaches. Each waterfront has 6 full-time Red Cross certified lifeguards, along with qualified Water Safety Instructors. Campers learn to master all 7 swimming levels, and also receive instruction in canoeing and boating. After completing the Red Cross swim levels campers also have the opportunity to be trained as professional lifeguards! Waterskiing and wake boarding are very popular at camp. We want to make sure that our campers with a passion for skiing really get to work on their skills each summer!

What is unique about the experience campers receive:

All of our incredible daily activities including sports, arts, waterskiing, and outdoor adventure, along with amazing evening activities like wrestling in Jell-O, game show nights, cooking contests, outdoor movies under the stars and campfires on the shores of our beautiful lake.

Sessions & Ratios

Length of Sessions: Three weeks, half summer & full summer

Three Weeks: July 26 – August 15
Half Summer: June 27 – July 25
Full Summer: June 27 – August 15

Overall Ratio of Staff to Campers: 1:3

Bunk/Cabin Group Ratio of Staff to Campers in: 2:7


Campers Sleep In: Nicely appointed cabins with plumbing, hot water, showers, electricity, quality lighting, comfortable beds

# Campers in Cabin/Bunk: No more than 8

# International Campers in Cabin/Bunk: 2

# Counselors in Cabin/Bunk: no fewer than 2

Amenities Included: Nicely appointed cabins with plumbing, hot water, showers, electricity, quality lighting, comfortable beds 

Additional Details: Majority of our bunk counselors (~80%) are former campers. All bunk counselors live amongst campers within the cabin to ensure proper supervision and to make sure campers are having fun. All bunks have bathrooms, showers, electricity.

Dining Facilities

At Camp, Meals are served: Family Style

Additional Meal Options: Entire camp is peanut/tree nut free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free, vegetarian

Additional Details: 95%+ annual return rate amongst campers for more than 15 years!

Medical Facilities

Number of Medical Staff Living On-site: 1 doctor and 4 nurses always on campus

Distance to Hospital: New London Hospital is 8.2 miles from campus. All K&E doctors have admitting privileges.

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