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Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA

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The Basics

Camp Type: Privately Owned

Genders Served: Co-ed Sessions

Number of Campers Per Session: 325

Number of International Campers: 5

Accredited By: American Camp Association

Camp Affiliation: International Gymnastics Camp (sister camp)

Specialty Programs: Variety of Land Sports, Jet Skiing, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Archery

Camp Focus

Camp Mission & Philosophy:

ISTC focuses on teaching life skills through allowing campers to participate in a broad variety of sports. We understand that not every child will grow up to be an Olympian, but every child should have the opportunity to play, excel and learn important life skills through sports. ISTC is a place where campers can feel proud of their accomplishments, and leave with a stronger belief in themselves.

What factors set this camp apart from other camps?

Campers play all different types of sports and games in a positive, supportive environment. From team sports like soccer and basketball to adventure activities like jet skiing and rock climbing, our program is designed with variety in mind. Our coaches will organize the sports sessions and there is free choice, recreation time during the day as well.

What is unique about the experience campers receive:

Every camper will experience of variety of sports, both traditional and adventure. Campers will also participate in a whole camp competition called “Cabin of the Week”. From a unique sports program to an immersive camp experience, campers will leave with new interests, friends, and an improved confidence.

Sessions & Ratios

Length of Sessions: Two weeks & three weeks

Two Weeks: June 21-July 5, June 28-July 12, July 5-19, July 12-26, August 9-22
Three Weeks: June 21-July 12, June 28-July 19

Overall Ratio of Staff to Campers: 1:2

Bunk/Cabin Group Ratio of Staff to Campers in: 1:8


Campers Sleep In: Cabins

# Campers in Cabin: On average – 18

# International Campers in Cabin: We prefer to keep all groups of campers to less than 5.

# Counselors in Cabin: 2 or 3

Amenities Included: Electricity, Toilets, Showers, Sinks, Beds, Dressers

Additional Details: Counselors are at least 21 years old and live and sleep in the cabins with the kids. For campers, we allow up to a 2 year age difference in each cabin. We can accept up to 3 roommate requests per camper and can honor the requests as long as the entire group is within the 2 year age range.

Dining Facilities

At Camp, Meals are Served: Cafeteria Style

Additional Meal Options: Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Nut Free, Dairy Free

Additional Details: Campers enter the dining hall, go through the main serving line, and then sit with their cabin. All items in the dining hall are labeled with their main ingredients to help campers make informed choices.

Campers with special dietary needs have an additional area with even more options. All meals include salad bar and side bar options, in addition to the main serving line.

Medical Facilities

Number of Medical Staff Living On-site: 1 Doctor (on call), 1 Nurse, 3 Certified Athletic Trainers

Additional Information: All medication is kept in the Health Center and administered by the nursing staff; our team is onsite around the clock during the summer and counselors will help campers with their medication times. We have a doctor on call in addition to our on-site staff. Counselors and coaches are first aid and CPR certified. We also have 2 AED machines on site.

Distance to Hospital: 10 min. drive

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