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Oxford, Maine, USA

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The Basics

Camp Type: Private traditional

Genders Served: Co-ed Sessions

Number of Campers Per Session: 180

Number of International Campers: 15-20

Accredited By:  American Camp Association

Camp Affiliation: Maine Camp Experience, Maine Summer Camps,

Specialty Programs: Non-religious; diverse.

Camp Focus

Camp Mission & Philosophy: 

Our values-based program is carefully structured to promote a warm and welcoming camp community. Careful attention to detail and thoughtful respect for each other and the outdoors create a uniquely positive atmosphere for youth development.

What factors set this camp apart from other camps?

Down to earth, wholesome, warm community, completely elective instructionally-based program, wide variety of activities. Geographically diverse population. Fantastic waterfront and lake.

We feel one of the greatest things about Kamp is the opportunity to “be yourself” and explore what that means in a supportive, tolerant, nurturing environment — without screen time, social media, pressures or reputations/images from home, We limit the number of campers from any one school or location, and encourage them to try new things with new people and find/develop their best selves. We help kids learn and go as far as they’d like in whatever they are interested in. Our staff provide meaningful connections with positive, wholesome adult role models. Lots of nice people, attention to detail and planning give participants high quality, meaningful experiences.

What is unique about the experience campers receive: 

Time away from screens and social media. Resilience, self-confidence, independence, new friends, fresh air experiences. (Trip days are all nature oriented and explore Maine.)

Sessions & Ratios

Length of Sessions: Three week & Half Summer

Three Week: June 22 – July 17 or July 20 – August 14
Half Summer:  June 24 – July 19  or  July 22 – August 16

Overall Ratio of Staff to Campers: 1:4

Bunk/Cabin Group Ratio of Staff to Campers in:

1 counselor to 3 campers or 1:4 for older campers


Campers Sleep In: Cabins

# Campers in Cabin/Bunk: 6 for oldest male campers in the Senior Village; 8-12 for all other campers.

# International Campers in Cabin/Bunk: 1

# Counselors in Cabin/Bunk: 3-4 in each cabin

Amenities Included: Showers, bathrooms, sinks (except oldest boys 14/15) The oldest campers do have smaller cabins in the senior village, along with special activities and privileges to accommodate their age. While most campers attend camp on their own or with a friend, we are also a brother & sister camp, and have a few campers attending with their sibling. 

Additional Details: While the cabins and activities are separated by gender, we are very family oriented. If siblings come to camp together, they have the ability to see each other each day, and eat together in the dining hall or at other all camp activities.

Dining Facilities

At Camp, Meals Are Served: Family Style

Additional Meal Options: We can accommodate most every food restriction, and Kohut is totally nut free. In addition to the family style, we have a hot bar and cold bar with fruit and salad bar. 

Additional Details: We can accommodate most every food restriction, and Kohut is totally nut free. In addition to the family style, we have a hot bar and cold bar with fruit and salad bar.

Medical Facilities

Number of Medical Staff Living On-site: 3-4 Registered Nurses living onsite.

Distance to Hospital: 15 minutes to the hospital

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