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The Basics

Camp Type: Specialty focus- Adventure Travel Programs for kids, Teens and Young Adults based in USA and around the world.

Genders Served: Co-ed Sessions

Number of Campers Per Session: 16 campers per trip

Number of International Campers: Approximately 15%

Accredited By: American Camp Association

Specialty Programs: Travel, Cultural Immersion, Community Service, Outdoor Adventure, Language, Environmental Stewardship

Camp Focus

Camp Mission & Philosophy: 
Our mission is to provide our travelers with a life-changing experience by offering them the opportunity to explore extraordinary places, make meaningful contributions, break down barriers, and serve the goals of a community that welcomes us.

What factors set this camp apart from other camps? 
Philosophy of Service: We provide community-driven service and only go where help is wanted and where both people and place can benefit from our presence. Our projects are defined and directed by the individuals that we directly serve. We encourage our participants to develop their own vision of community service through examination and reflection. 

Collaborative Admissions Process: Our goal is to get to know each and every student who joins us and to create small groups that are well balanced. We work closely in conjunction with parents, students, leaders, and professionals to ensure that each student has the tools they need to succeed on an RLT program. 

Safety Record: The physical and emotional safety of every student that joins us is our top priority.All field staff are required to obtain a Wilderness First Responder certification. No RLT participant has ever had to stay overnight in a hospital due to injury.
Our Trip Leaders: Our leaders are experienced; genuine, spirited, friendly, athletic, well-educated and well-traveled. They are experts in wilderness adventure, service learning, culture, and language. Our leaders are selected for their ability to prevent and solve problems in the field, their capacity to relate to and enjoy our young people, their language skills and travel experience, and their knowledge and love of the places we visit. Their average age is 26.

What is unique about the experience campers receive:
Our trips are designed to develop and to enhance self-confidence, teamwork, leadership qualities, and to help our travelers develop their own vision of service. We fully understand and embrace the importance of being responsible travelers: Of being respectful to each and every person in any community, and to remember that we are the visitors. We take very seriously the ethic of honoring, preserving, and sustaining the natural environment in which we live, fostering environmental stewardship.

Sessions & Ratios

Length of Sessions: Two and three weeks

Two weeks: Various dates for 2-week trips between June 11 and August 17
Three weeks: Various dates for 3-week trips between June 26 and August 9

Overall Ratio of Staff to Campers: 6:1

Cabin Group Ratio of Staff to Campers in: 6:1


Campers Sleep In: Accommodations vary based on the trip. Accommodations can include tents, dormitory-style sleeping arrangments, and rented homes with beds and/or “slumber party” style sleeping. All sleeping arrangements are separated by gender.

# Campers in Cabin:  Depends on the sleeping arrangement on the trip. Our trips typically have between 8-16 campers.

# Counselors in Cabin: 2-3 leaders per trip

Amenities Included: On camping trips, students have access to latrines or flush toilets and shower every 3-5 days. On other trips, students have access to toilets and shower every 3-4 days to conserve resources and support sustainability.

Dining Facilities

At Camp, Meals are served: Buffet Style

Additional Meal Options: We make every effort to accommodate various food restrictions, however our ability to accommodate depends on the specific trip. Please call to discuss questions regarding food restrictions and dietary considerations.

Medical Facilities

Number of Medical Staff Living On-site: Each trip leader is a certified Wilderness First Responder. A physician is on call 24/7 for consultation

Distance to Hospital (in case of emergency): Varies depending on the trip. At all times, the trip leader has detailed information regarding the closest medical facility, an evacuation plan in the case of emergency, and the ability to reach help using a satellite phone.

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